IRS 2040-1 Epoxy Potting Compound, Flame Retardant Encapsulating Compound

IRS 2040-1

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About IRS 2040-1 Epoxy Potting Compound

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IRS 2040-1 Epoxy Potting Compound is a non-toxic general purpose flame retardant encapsulating compound. It has a long pot life and can be cured at ambient temperatures or accelerated with heat. When cured, IRS 2040-1 exhibits good surface finish, high electrical strength, good thermal conductivity, low exotherm and low cure shrinkage. It is compatible with most PCB components and materials over a wide range of temperatures. In addition to this it has excellent adhesion to most plastic and metal substrates. IRS 2040-1 is suitable for a wide variety of applications due to its combination of properties and ease of use. It does not contain halogens or heavy metals and comes in a standard colour of black.

Features & Benefits

  • High electrical insulating characteristicsIRS2040-1000G non-toxic epoxy flame retardant potting compound
  • Non-toxic
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Low shrinkage
  • High adhesion
  • Flame retardant to UL94 V-0 @ 3mm
  • Good chemical and water resistance
  • Meets the requirements of WEEE and RoHS
  • Long pot life
  • Cured at room temperature or with heat


Part number change: As of Version 3.0, May 2020, the part number of this product changed from IRS2040 to IRS2040-1. This is due to an unavoidable change in a formulation component. The new formulation has some different properties, and we recommend that you re-evaluate this product if you were using an earlier version.

Typical properties Mixed Resin Hardener
Colour Black Black Amber
Specific gravity (g/ml) 1.70 1.87 1.05
Viscosity m.Pa.s @ 25°C 6,500 70,000 400
Mix ratio 8.5:1 resin to hardener (weight)
4.8:1 resin to hardener (volume)
Pot life 40-80 minutes (150g @ 25°C)
Gel time 180 minutes (150g @ 25°C)
Cure schedule Minimum cure:
24 hrs @ 20°C
2 hrs @ 60°C
1 hr @ 80°C

Full cure:
48 hrs @ 20°C
4 hrs @ 60°C
2 hrs @ 80°C

Operating temperature range -55 to + 130°C
Flammability UL94 V-0 @ 3mm
Shore hardness D80-D90
Shrinkage (volume) 0.3%
Tensile strength 14 mPa
Compressive strength 60 mPa
Deflection temperature 35°C
Thermal conductivity 0.85 W/mK
Elongation at break 0.7%
Loss tangent 0.060 @50Hz
Coefficient of thermal expansion 35-55 ppm/°C
Impact strength 310 KJ/m^2
Electric strength 18 kV/mm
Relative permittivity 4.8 @50Hz
Flexural strength 31.3 MPa
Flexural modulus 2.08 GPa
Water absorption 0.3% (30 days @ 20°C)


Safety Data Sheets
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Other Information

See how these customers got results from IRS 2040-1 for electronics potting applications in these Case Studies:

Application Insight - Vehicle Electronics Assembly Potting Application Insight – Electronics Assembly Potting

Potting electronic modules for vehicles using IRS 2040-1.

Application Insight – Industrial Switch Potting

Potting of mass-produced switches regularly used in the oil and gas industries, manufacturing, mining, marine and many other extreme environments using IRS 2040-1.

Application Insight – LED Power Supply Potting

Potting of electronic components and power supplyof specialist LED displays using IRS 2040-1.

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
IRS 2040-1 Product Data Sheet 0.12MB Download
Application Insight - Vehicle Electronics Assembly Potting 0.10MB Download
Application Insight - Potting Industrial Switches 0.10MB Download
Application Insight - LED Lighting Assembly 0.15MB Download

Ordering Information

IRS 2040-1 is available in twinpacks or in bulk.

twinpack sachet adhesive package

The twinpack sachet is a clear film sachet, with the resin and hardener separated by a removable clip and rail divider. Click here for twinpack mixing instructions.

In kit form, resin and hardener are provided in separate containers to the correct ratio. In most cases pour the hardener into the larger resin container and use it as a mixing vessel. Stir well using appropriate mixer until homogeneous.

Part number Description
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Epoxy potting compound, flame retardant, black – 1kg twinpack
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Epoxy potting compound, flame retardant, black – 5kg kit

For best results, store away from strong oxidising agents, strong acids and strong bases. Store in a cool, well-ventilated area. Keep container tightly closed. Keep in original packaging.


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