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About INT 701 High Temperature Polyimide Masking Tape & Dots

INT 701 polyimide masking tape is a polyimide film with a silicone adhesive designed for temporary masking during soldering and other high temperature processes. This solder masking tape is formulated to be removable leaving no residue.

Polyimide film retains its excellent physical and electrical properties over a wide temperature range. Polyimide film will not burn, will not melt, has no known solvents, and has good radiation resistance. Polyimide film is very often known as “Kapton”, which is a brand name and registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, a manufacturer of polyimide materials.

Features & Benefits

  • High temperature resistanceINTD7006
  • No residue
  • Competitive price
  • Wire insulation for extreme environments
  • Also available in die-cut discs


  • Soldering: Masking gold fingers or other sensitive areas during the soldering process. Especially useful where excessive heat is applied (for example: multiple immersions or long preheats during wave soldering) or if tape is to be left on the pcb after processing. Some low-solids fluxes require higher temperature preheats. We recommend INT 701 if this is the case. Temporary fixturing during soldering.
  • Hot air levelling
  • Multi-layer PCB production
  • Hot dip galvanising
  • Plasma spraying
  • Annealing
  • Wire insulation for extreme environments, e.g. aerospace.


Base material Polyimide film
Base thickness 0.025mm
Total thickness 0.055mm
Adhesive Polysiloxane
Temperature resistance up to 300°C short term
Adhesive strength 2.0N/cm
Tensile strength 50N/mm², related to total thickness
Ultimate elongation 70%
Dielectric strength 7kV/mil
Standard widths 6mm – 100mm
Standard length 66m
Core 3 inch cardboard, standard
Colour Transparent brown

Other Information

See also our blog for a post on Eponymous Kapton.

Ordering Information

Polyimide Masking Tape

Each roll is 66m in length.

Part number Description
INT701-004 Polyimide masking tape 4mm width
INT701-006 Polyimide masking tape 6mm width
INT701-009 Polyimide masking tape 9mm width
INT701-010 Polyimide masking tape 10mm width
INT701-012 Polyimide masking tape 12mm width
INT701-015 Polyimide masking tape 15mm width
INT701-019 Polyimide masking tape 19mm width
INT701-025 Polyimide masking tape 25mm width
INT701-038 Polyimide masking tape 38mm width
INT701-050 Polyimide masking tape 50mm width


Polyimide Masking Dots

Each roll has 1000 dots on split back plastic liner (except 4mm).

Part number Description
INTD7003 3mm Polyimide masking dots 3mm diameter
INTD7004 4mm Polyimide masking dots 4mm diameter
INTD7006 6mm Polyimide masking dots 6mm diameter
INTD7007 7mm Polyimide masking dots 7mm diameter
INTD7008 8mm Polyimide masking dots 8mm diameter
INTD7009 9mm Polyimide masking dots 9mm diameter
INTD7010 10mm Polyimide masking dots 10mm diameter
INTD7012 12mm Polyimide masking dots 12mm diameter
INTD7016 16mm Polyimide masking dots 16mm diameter
INTD7018 18mm Polyimide masking dots 18mm diameter
INTD7019 19mm Polyimide masking dots 19mm diameter


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