Dummy Electronic Components, Mechanical Samples, Test PCBs and Training Kits

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About Dummy Electronic Components

Dummy electronic components are exact, non-electrical mechanical packages used for pick-and-place machine setup, calibration, process testing, solder training, education and rework practice.

Dummy SMD components are available in all popular IC packages including: Chipscale, μBGA, CSP, Stacked CSP, Chip Array BGA, Ball Grid Array, TapeArray BGA, fleXBGA, SuperBGA, PBGA, fcCSP, Flip Chip Test Die, Quad Flat Pack, QFP, MLF, LQFP, TQFP, LQFP, BQFP, Ceramic Quad Flat Pack, CQFP, LCC, Small Outline, TSOP, TSSOP, SOIC, SOJ, SSOP, ePad, Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier, PLCC, SMR, SMC, SMC lead-free, SMT, SMR, SMTA, SME, melf diodes, through-hole, TO transistors, axial leaded resistors, passives and discrete. Dummy packages are available as small as 0201 and many components are available in lead-free formulations. Test boards are available for hand soldering and machine testing and setup.

Why use dummy electronic components?

Dummies save money. In case where only mechanical characteristics are required, dummy components can be used instead of live functioning components. Because there is not an expensive die inside the package, the cost for performing mechanical testing is significantly lower.

What is a PCB Practice Kit?

Combining both the PCB Practice Board and dummy components allows customers to conduct assembly process evaluation without using high cost live components and functional PCB Boards. Kits are available in a single pack, for employee hand soldering training, or packaged for production equipment evaluation. Both XY Theta data and Gerber data are available free of charge.

Features & Benefits

  • Saves money – where only mechanical characteristics are required, dummy components can be used instead of live functioning components
  • Ideal for mechanical testing


  • Electronic component assembly
  • Testing
  • Evaluation
  • Employee training

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