preeflow® eco-SPRAY technology brings exceptional levels of accuracy, repeatability and precise edge definition to micro-spray dispensing tasks. The combination of the preeflow positive displacement volumetric pump and a low-flow spray chamber guarantees high performance spraying of low to high viscosity fluids. This volumetric spray dispensing system provides a superior level of process reliability because viscosity variations in the liquid do not affect the spray output.

The eco-SPRAY can be used in both batch and continuous operations, and is readily integrated into automation/robotics. Applications include dosing, coating, micro-nebulisation, lubrication and marking. The spray control allows precise volume per unit area uniform coatings, or the application of pre-defined quantities, and deals with problems associated with conventional spray dispensing, e.g. overspray or soft edges.

high precision volumetric spray dispensing system

Cost savings ensue from spraying materials such as greases, adhesives, inks, silicones, activators/primers, coatings, bio-technology and pharmaceutical liquids, due reduced waste, controlled spray area and higher process reliability.

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