The IDMVG DV5005DFS Positive Displacement Auger Valve solves some of the problems associated with the dispensing of medium-to-high viscosity materials, especially those which have short working lives or difficult rheology. It features a positive displacement auger mechanism in a short, disposable fluid path which minimises cleaning and maintenance.

The DFS is an accurate, repeatable dispensing valve suited to a wide range of medium-to-high viscosity materials, such as two part adhesives, solder pastes, RTV silicones, SMD adhesives, thermally conductive pastes and greases. The valve’s disposable auger fluid path module enables the use of materials with a short working life, with challenging cleaning needs, or which are abrasive. It minimises gaps in production which would otherwise require lengthy cleaning of the valve – simply replace the module and continue dispensing. The DFS has a short fluid path overall with no dead space to minimise material wastage and contains a hard wearing acetal auger screw with low surface energy for clean dispensing.

The positive displacement auger design ensures precise, repeatable dots and beads for any automated or manually operated dispensing application. The motor-driven auger is run by a fully programmable control unit, with inputs such as speed and time readily saved.

Positive displacement dispensing valve with disposable fluid path

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