If you need exact, precise dispensing or dosing of materials like adhesives, solvents, pastes, greases, sealants or oils, then the latest literature from preeflow will be very interesting.

preeflow dispensers are based on a volumetric, positive displacement technology – read our technical article The “Endless Piston” Pump Technology for Precision Dispensing to find out more.

preeflow dispensers work with both single part and two part systems. They range from as little as 0.001ml doses, right up to 60ml per minute flow rates. The precision mechanics of the design combined with digital controls give highly repeatable, +/-1% accuracy. Dispensing is independent of pressure, temperature or time. Low pressure and low shear mean that high viscosity, filled or sensitive materials are ably handled.

The literature introduces the new eco-DUO600 for two part formulations. It meters and mixes the two parts, dispensing quantities from 0.030ml with flow rates up to 32ml per minute, and with adjustable mix ratios from 1:1 to 5:1. We have a great video.

Looking for perfect micro dispensing? Grab a copy of the new literature and contact us to discuss your challenges and applications.

preeflow brochure for micro dispensing


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