The new Practical Components Catalogue is now available, bursting with updated dummy components, test boards and solder training kits. These are valued by engineers and technicians who use them to develop production processes, train colleagues and to evaluate equipment and materials.

The Practical Components Catalogue contains a selection of solder training kits in both Lead-Free and Tin Lead for certification and recertification to IPC standards. Both IPC training centres and companies conducting in-house soldering courses or recertification courses use Practical Certification pcb training kits.

New dummy components include leading edge packages like eWLP Embedded Wafer Level Packages, WLP Wafer Chip Size Packages, and TMV® PoP Through Mold Via Packages. There are evaluation kits for TMV PoPs, and MLF® MicroLeadFrame devices.

An enhanced range of kits for rework and repair training are geared for those looking to conform to IPC 7711//7721 standards for reworking. The catalogue details the most advanced certification and practice kits for through-hole, SMT and advanced SMT in the electronics assembly and rework industry, with many of the latest component technologies not generally found elsewhere.

The catalogue is available as an interactive page turning version, or as a download. You can also request a printed copy. There will be something of interest for you in its many comprehensive pages – have a look!

Practical Components