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The CircuitWorks range of handy pens and syringes for electronic prototyping, rework and repair of circuit boards includes flux pens and flux removal – now available ex stock from us.

CircuitWorks flux dispensing pens provide a convenient and clean way to apply a variety of flux types commonly used in prototype, rework and repair and low volume production – with controlled and exact application. The tacky gel formulations hold components in place during processing. They are non-corrosive and halide-free, meet relevant IPC and other industry specifications, plus they are fast drying and minimise flux waste.

The range includes non-corrosive rosin flux, no-clean flux (non-corrosive and halide free), also lead-free flux and water soluble flux in convenient pen formats. No-clean and lead-free tacky fluxes to ROL0 are available in handy syringes and are suited to BGA rework applications.

CircuitWorks flux remover pens include rosin flux, no-clean flux and lead-free flux removers to complete a series – great for prototyping, rework and re-configuring engineers throughout the electronics industry.

CircuitWorks flux dispensing pens/syringes and flux removal pens from Intertronics

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