adhere – better bonding from INTERTRONICS is an important brand for us; it’s the name we give to our programme of products, materials, equipment and support designed to help you if you have a bonding, sealing, coating, encapsulating, potting, gasketing or temporary masking application in any type of high technology, high performance assembly industry.

If you’re starting out with a brand new project, our product specialists and technical support team would welcome the opportunity to work closely with you to become your trusted advisor on all things adhesive (or sealant, coating, encapsulant, potting compound, gasket, temporary mask…). They’ll help you evaluate your product design, material selection and production process choices. They’ll advise you on the most suitable adhesive products for you to evaluate, how to test them, how to apply them and the best way to cure them. They’ll liaise with our supplier partners on the optimum technologies, using the power of the synergies which we have with these carefully selected companies. Equally important, our materials, quality and order fulfilment teams will work with you, optimising the supply chain for your specific needs, and ensuring you have everything you need, when you need it.  And we will all support you throughout the production lifecycle.

On the other hand, you may be making products week-in, week-out and the materials you’re currently using are working just fine. But for whatever reason, you’re looking for a better, cleaner, safer or faster way to do the job. That’s where we also come into our own, as we understand not only our own products and how they work together optimally, but equally importantly, your processes, objectives and priorities so that we can help with smart improvements.

We’ve worked very hard to secure a reputation as a supplier which supports our customers with seamless service, trusted advice and technical expertise. This is the essence of our business and the adhere – better bonding from INTERTRONICS brand.

adhere - our value proposition

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