Sales partners Dymax recently hosted a webinar called Conformal Coating at the Speed of Light: UV Conformal Coating from Start to Finish. The webinar focuses on cost savings of UV and how to qualify and maintain an effective UV conformal coating process. UV conformal coatings cure in seconds to allow for maximum process speed while consuming minimal energy and labor. As environmental regulations strengthen, budgets get tighter, and smaller circuits are positioned in harsher operating conditions, the technology is becoming increasingly accepted as a means to ensure performance throughout product lifecycle. UV conformal coatings have been successfully deployed in the consumer, military, and appliance markets for over 20 years. Various UV conformal coatings are designed to meet common MIL, IPC, and UL specifications allowing for widespread adoption. RoHS compliant, halogen-free, and solvent-free grades are available.

Register to download the webinar from Dymax’s website at The question and answer portion of the webinar is also available for reviewing.

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