The IJF CV629 Cartridge Dispensing Valve is rapidly becoming one of our favourites. It is a pneumatically operated valve designed for precision dispensing of all types of fluids, such as solvents, oils, silicones, glues, UV adhesives, inks, etc. Shot sizes may be fine tuned by the adjustment screw at the top of the valve; so we can recommend it for applications where smaller, micro deposits are required.

Weighing only 135g, the CV629 Cartridge Dispensing Valve is one of the few valves that can be comfortably held in the hand without stress, and so is ideal for manual operations where an operator needs to apply frequent dispensing deposits. The CV629 features aligned air/material inlets, so we can put them close together when ganged up. Maintenance is easy – the seals are in a replaceable cartridge. It can handle a wide range of material viscosities at up to 300psi pressure, and that includes silicones. The valve is also recommended for integration in an automated system, or simple dispensing robot, where the quick-change one-piece cartridge seal ensures minimal maintenance and reduced down time.

CV629 Cartridge Dispensing Valve

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