We have helped many pcb repair customers over the years with a Trace Technology Overcoat Pen – this pen writes a clear or green, dielectric material which is used to repair small areas of pcb permanent mask or solder resist. It protects tracks which might otherwise be left bare.

Sometimes the need to cover these up is more than functional – it needs to be cosmetically good too. Consequently, we do get asked, “Those overcoat pens, exactly what colour green are they, and will it match my board?”

Inevitably, with the wide variety of different solder resists in the market, the colour will not match. In this instance, you have a better chance of getting a close, if not exact match, by using our repair epoxy with a colour agent, or even a mix of colour agents. We have five different greens in the range, plus other colours too.

There’s an art to it!

Epoxy with colour agent

Categories: rework and repair