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About IJF 700PTPCW Dispensing Pinch Tube Pen

IJF700PTPCW dispensing pinch tube pen is an ideal dispensing applicator for manually dispensing continuous beads or applying small amounts of low viscosity liquids. Examples include solvent dispensing, glue dispensing, adhesive dispensing and cyanoacrylate dispensing.

IJF700PTPCW has several features that provide very broad areas of application.

  • The replaceable pinch tube assembly has inlet and outlet fittings moulded onto polyethylene tube. The assembly is capable of shutting off the fluid flow with input pressures up to 50psi of the supply source.
  • The valving or ON/OFF lever actuator provides precision control, capable of making small microdots or continuous beads.
  • A stroke adjustment for the lever is built into the pen body. This adjustment provides a positive stop point for the lever when dispensing. This adjustment makes possible the dispensing of small dots with a high degree of repeatable control.
  • A wide range of interchangeable fittings can be used to adapt supply hoses from either gravity or pressurised supply reservoirs. The standard supply hose provided with the pen is a duplicate form of the pinch tube assembly and quickly connects the pen to almost any supply reservoir, using the appropriate adapter (sold separately).

IJF700PTPCW dispensing pinch tube pen

IJF700PTPCW pen is supplied as a pre-assembled applicator. In addition, spare pinch tube assemblies and dispensing needle tips, a supply hose and ¼ NPT adapter are included.

Features & Benefits

  • Disposable pinch tubes minimize maintenance
  • Designed for low viscosity fluids
  • Ideal for glues, solvents, and cyanoacrylates
  • Precision control
  • Broad area of applications

Pinch Tube Assemblies

IJF700PTPCW dispensing pinch tube pen mechanism diagram

Pinch tube assembly Molded end
– A
Tube length (+/- 0250″) – B Molded end – C Tubing I.D. (Inch) Tubing O.D. (Inch)
IJF580045 Male 3.38″ Female 0.100 0.150
IJF580045A-BLK Male 3.38″ Female 0.100 0.150
IJF580049 Male 3.38″ Male 0.100 0.150

Ordering Information

Part number Description
IJF700PTPCW Fisnar dispensing pinch tube pen
IJF580045 Replacement Pinch Tube – Polyethylene 0.100″ ID, Male to Female
IJF580045A-BLK Replacement Pinch Tube – Polyethylene 0.100″ ID, Male to Female, Black
IJF580049 Replacement Pinch Tube – Polyethylene 0.100″ ID, Male to Male


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