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About Flow-Seal Pens and Bottles

Flow-Seal dispensing pens and bottles are designed to apply controlled amounts of flux, solvents, inks, cleaners, coatings, lubricants, stains, paints & other fluids. The Flow-Seal cap, with its integral valve, provides superior control and prevents flooding and spattering. The Flow-Seal cap allows for easy removal of a choice of tips when cleaning or replacing, and creates a secondary mini reservoir to hold the fluid. Standard reservoir and open top bottles allow fluids to evaporate in the working area. With Flow-Seal this is prevented, thereby saving cost, delivering the product where it is needed and helping to improve working conditions. Flow-Seal Pens & Bottles are designed to contain and dispense fluids of a wide range of viscosity and pigmentation.


Flow-Seal Dispensing Pens Felt-tip Pens

Flow-Seal Dispensing Pens
Flow-Seal Pens are available with plastic reservoirs or ESD safe metal reservoirs. The pen is in two parts (cap and reservoir) and is easily assembled. The reservoir should be filled with material to within 19mm of the top; this air chamber allows for the valve cap to be pressed securely in position. Priming is achieved by depressing the nib while the pen is vertical. The nibs are interchangeable.

Fisnar Flow-Seal Bottles

Flow-Seal Dispensing Bottles
Flow-Seal Bottles are available in 2oz and 4oz sizes, with interchangeable nib types to suit the material and application. The caps screw on, which allows convenient refilling.

Features & Benefits

  • Fluid control
  • Similar to a felt-tip pen
  • Prevents unwanted evaporation
  • Controls worker exposure to potentially hazardous vapours & fumes
  • ESD safe
  • Clean
  • Convenient

Ordering Information

Part number Description Quantity
Pens and Bottles
IJF FV-0100 Flow-Seal Pen 1
IJF FV-0200 Flow-Seal Pen ESD Safe 1
IJF FV-0300 Flow-Seal Bottle 2oz 1
IJF FV-0400 Flow-Seal Bottle 2oz Aluminium 1
IJF FV-0500 Flow-Seal Bottle 4oz 1
FIS FV-0600-EU-NN Flow-Seal Jumbo Pen 1
All are supplied with the IJF 381-8425-AC nib except the “Jumbo” Pen
Replacement Nibs
IJF 381-8425-AC Nib – Acrylic Chisel 10
IJF 381-8425-AB Nib – Acrylic Bullet 10
IJF 381-8425-AP Nib – Acrylic Point 10
IJF 381-8425-PC Nib – Polyester Chisel 10
IJFFV-381-600-PB Nib – Polyester Blunt 10


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