A complete range of liquid dispensing dosing and application equipment for adhesives, epoxies, coatings, sealants, gaskets, greases, oils, inks – and many other fluids and pastes.

The dispensing range includes:

  1. Dispensing of single, two or multi-component materials
  2. Application of dots, beads, gaskets, in-filling, potting, dosing
  3. Precision dispensing to 3 nl
  4. Time/pressure and positive displacement dispensing
  5. Spraying and jetting
  6. From simple hand-held syringes and guns to fully automated robotic systems
  7. Full selection of dispensing consumable products: needles, nozzles, barrels, syringes and cartridges


25 Top Dispensing Tips

An invaluable list of do’s and don’ts for liquid, fluid and paste dispensing, to help you achieve optimal processes.


  • Dispensing Controllers

    Dispensing Controllers are used for the application of adhesives, epoxies, coatings, sealants, gaskets, greases, oils – and many other fluids and pastes. They allow measured shots, beads or small potting deposits. Our Dispensing Controllers can also be used with pneumatic dispensing valves to manage their output.

    We have two types:

    1. Time/pressure based systems. These can be analogue or fully digital
    2. Pumps based on peristaltic action, for precision control of lower viscosity liquid
  • Dispensing Consumables

    We provide dispensing consumables including dispensing needles & dispensing tips, nozzles, barrels, syringes and cartridges. Our wide selection and advice will help you achieve an efficient reliable and consistent application process.

  • Dispensing Valves and Pumps

    We supply valves, pumps and pens which match your requirements for highly accurate, repeatable and consistent dispensing and dosing of liquids and pastes. These systems can deliver quantities as small as one micro litre (1µl) for the micro-dispensing of adhesives, silicones, oils, greases, inks, catalysts, solder pastes, enzymes and other media.

  • Pressure Pots, Reservoirs and Bulk Dispensing

    Our pressure pots, reservoirs and pail pumps are ideal for dispensing adhesives, coatings and other liquids. Suitable for dispensing bulk materials.

  • Dispensing Guns

    Our dispensing guns range from simple hand-held guns for single and two-part materials, to accurate syringe dispensers.

  • Dispensing Pens and Bottles

    Our dispensing pens, bottles and accessories provide effective and economical dispensing for a wide range of liquids.

  • Compressors

    Air compressors create the compressed air required by many dispensing systems. They are also useful for other applications, including airbrushing and stapling.