Cleaning & Surface Preparation

Cleaning & Surface Preparation

CleaningOur cleaning and surface preparation range has products for treating of substrates prior to bonding or coating, including plasma treatment machines, solvents and primers. We cover high technology industrial cleaning, with solvents, cleaning agents and applicators. Our best-selling IPA wipes are ideal for general cleaning as well as pre-bonding degreasing and preparation.

The Cleaning & Surface Preparation range includes:

  1. Surface treatment & cleaning prior to bonding or coating
  2. Pre-saturated cleaning wipes
  3. Degreasing and defluxing solvents
  4. Wipes, swabs and brushes designed for industrial use
  5. Eco-friendly, water based systems
  6. Anti-static cleaners



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  • Swabs, Wipes & Brushes

    A selection of swabs, wipes and brushes for a variety of applications including cleaning sensitive optics or scrubbing heavy soils.

  • Cleaning Chemicals & Solvents

    A range of cleaning chemicals and solvents for high tech cleaning and maintenance applications. From the eco-friendly Techspray Renew range to Zero Charge ESD safe options and more.

  • Dusters & Freezers

    Dusters remove particles without the use of harmful solvents, while freezers can be used as a troubleshooting aid for intermittently faulting capacitors, resistors, semi-conductors, and other defective components.

  • Surface Treatment

    Surface treatments to improve adhesion and wetting of an adhesive to a substrate.