THINKY Mixing and Degassing Machines

Quick, thorough, mess-free mixing and degassing


With THINKY mixers, you can homogeneously mix and degas:







Engineering and pharmaceutical materials


Non-contact ‘planetary’ mixing

THINKY revolution and rotation mixing

By means of the rotation and revolution ‘planetary’ mixing principle, without the use of blades, paddles or other invasive tools, even high viscosity materials and nano-particles can be effectively mixed, dispersed and degassed with minimal stress on the materials themselves.



THINKY Mixing Cosmetics

No Clean-Up: The planetary centrifugal motion of the mixer means that you can mix in standard THINKY jars or your own containers such as beakers, syringe tubes or cartridges without any mixing implements to clean between batches.

Material with no bubbles THINKY mixer

Bubble-Free: The process naturally degasses compounds, but if micro-bubbles are a concern, several THINKY mixer models feature a vacuum mode to go the extra mile in removing any trapped air.


See the results some of our customers have achieved:

ARV-310 vacuum degassing mixer

Degassing Times Reduced by up to 90%

For a manufacturer of compound semiconductors, the process of hand mixing the multi-part resins in which to encapsulate them was causing an inconsistent, labour intensive final product.

THINKY ARV-250 mixer

Functionality of Electromagnetic Shielding Materials Improved Without Cutting Fibres

A scientific research team required a non-contact mixing process to effectively mix carbon fibres into their unique radio wave absorbing wall coating for electromagnetically shielded rooms.

Mixing Silicones for Facial and Other Prosthetics

University Hospital Coventry chose a THINKY mixer to move from a lengthy, manual process requiring a skilled technician, to a short, reliable and automated process to mix silicones to produce prosthetics.

THINKY Case Study Munich NMC

Manufacture of NMC Electrodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries With High Active Material Content

The Technical University of Munich uses a THINKY ARV-310 vacuum rotation/revolution mixer to produce visually homogeneous NMC inks with a solid content in excess of 65% weight in a few minutes.


A batch size can be anything from 0.5ml to 20L depending on the size of your THINKY machine. 

THINKY mixers start at around £5,000, and you can see a speedy return on investment when you consider the time required to manually mix and clean implements, plus you benefit from the knowledge that your materials are thoroughly and consistently mixed. Have a look at our range of THINKY models:

THINKY ARE-250 Mixing and Degassing Machine, Conditioning Planetary Mixer


Capacity: 250ml / 310g

Degassing: Yes

Vacuum mixing: No

THINKY ARV-310P mixer


Capacity: 250ml / 310g

Degassing: No

Vacuum mixing: Yes

THINKY ARE-500 Planetary Centrifugal Mixer


Capacity: 500ml / 1100g

Degassing: Yes

Vacuum mixing: No

ARV931TWIN vacuum mixer


Capacity: 500ml / 410g

Degassing: Yes

Vacuum mixing: Yes

An introduction to Planetary Centrifugal Mixers (1)

Get to know the THINKY mixer range

Read our handy introduction to discover how THINKY mixers process your materials to achieve a homogeneous mix in seconds to minutes.

Vacuum Mixing and Degassing Technical Bulletin

Vacuum mixing and degassing

For specific applications that require a material to contain no micro-bubbles, a mixing and vacuum degassing machine is the efficient choice as illustrated in this THINKY model comparison.



How to choose a technical bulletin technical bulletin

How to choose a THINKY mixer

Choosing the correct mixer with the right capabilities for a process will often depend on the materials you need to mix and the results you are after. This technical bulletin highlights the key considerations for selecting a suitable planetary mixer for your application.


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