Dymax UV light curing adhesives and equipment

Intertronics is the longest-serving distributor of Dymax products in Europe. We have the best track record for supporting your applications with UV light curing materials and UV light curing equipment.


With more than 25 years’ partnership with Dymax, we have the technical understanding and experience to provide you with sound advice and recommendations. We offer a consultative approach to product selection, working with you to determine the most suitable product and process for your particular application. We provide material samples and equipment demonstrations to support your evaluation and testing. We help you get the optimal production process up and running. We build the supply chain to assure you of material deliveries when you need them. And we provide ongoing technical support throughout the lifetime of your product cycle.



We stock a select range of our most popular Dymax products available for next day delivery, and have access to the full range of Dymax adhesives, coatings, sealants and temporary masking resins. Dymax adhesive materials include ranges designed specifically for particular industries, including electronics, medical device assembly, aerospace, optical device manufacturing, displays and packaging, plastics bonding, glass bonding, orthopaedics, automotive, and metal finishing.


Dymax ultra light weld plastic bonding

Plastic, glass and metal bonding adhesives

Dymax UV Light Curing adhesives for plastic, metal and glass bonding cure in seconds upon exposure to ultraviolet light and/or visible light, even through UV blocked plastics.


LED UV light curing adhesives

UV light curing adhesives, coatings and sealants cure in seconds, allowing in-line processing, optimised takt time and elimination of production bottlenecks and WIP.

Dymax 1400 LED curable needle bonding adhesives

Medical device assembly adhesives

Light curing and fluorescing adhesives significantly reduce your assembly processing costs and allows clear, in-line inspection when exposed to low intensity “black light”.

Dymax-OP-67-LS optical adhesive for fibre optics

Optical assembly adhesives

Low-stress, low-movement UV curable optical adhesives cure in seconds, providing crystal clear bonds with very low shrinkage.

Crystal Bonding with Dymax UV Glass Bonding adhesive

Glass bonding adhesives

Form high strength, crystal clear, environmentally resistant bonds to glass as well as a variety of metal and plastic substrates.

Dymax Multi-Cure adhesives for electronics assembly, unitising, strain relief

Electronics assembly adhesives

Ideal for bonding heat sinks and heat sensitive components, wire and component tacking, strain relief of large parts and securing hand inserted components prior to wave soldering.

Encapsulation and Conformal Coatings

Dymax 9000 Series Microelectronics Encapsulants

Light curable encapsulants for electronics and PCB assembly

Tough, flexible UV curing encapsulants are single part and cure in seconds; they cut costs and processing times associated with microelectronic assembly.

Fast UV Cure Conformal Coatings

Fast, UV cure conformal coatings

Apply, cure, and ship immediately and eliminate the time-consuming steps of traditional thermal-cure and room temperature-cure conformal coatings with UV curing conformal coatings.


Fast UV Curing, Form in Place Gaskets

Fast UV curing, form-in-place gaskets from Dymax

FIP and CIP UV gaskets cure in seconds - even to 6mm thick beads - with good compression set. UV/Visible light curing, FIP/CIP gaskets eliminate ovens, racking, stacking, and waiting for traditional FIP/CIP gaskets to cure.

Temporary Masking

Dymax UV Curable Component Masking Application

Temporary masking materials for electronics

Dymax peelable, one-part masking materials are fast curing, solvent-free resins designed for manual or automated masking without leaving contamination or residue.

SpeedMask Temporary Masking UV Resins

SpeedMask temporary masking UV resins

Replace tape, wax, lacquers and fixtures with DYMAX SpeedMask temporary masking resins, which offer reliable protection against most metal finishing processing environments.

Dymax UV and light curing equipment

Dymax produces a range of broad spectrum UV curing lamps and LED UV curing lamps. These lamps provide the curing intensity required for UV and visible light curing adhesives, and a number of different configurations are available to best suit your particular production needs. We stock these lamps and spares, available for next day delivery.

Dymax QX4 LED UV Medical Device Bonding Adhesive

LED UV Curing Lamps

LED UV curing lamps offer many advantages over conventional UV curing systems including no bulbs to change, cool cures, no warm up and constant intensity for thousands of hours.

Dymax FX-1250 UV Emitter Electronic Application

UV Curing Flood Lamps

UV Flood lamps cure UV adhesives, coatings and inks very quickly, using moderate to high-intensity UV/visible light. These flood lamps are available as handheld, mounted or modular systems.

Dymax MX-150 LED UV curing system

UV Curing Spot Lamps

LED UV spot and flood curing system which provides manufacturers with the curing flexibility of other Dymax systems but in a small, efficient design with expansion capabilities.

benchtop UV curing lamp Dymax UVC-5 UV Curing Conveyor System

UV Curing Conveyor Systems

UV curing conveyors use high-intensity UV/visible light for fast curing of adhesives, coatings and encapsulants whilst eliminating stray UV light. Ideal for processing long parts or for high volume production.

ACCU-CAL 50 UV Radiometer Smart UV Intensity Meter

Radiometers and Process Control

Dymax UV and visible radiometers are simple to operate and allow operators to monitor and document a UV/Visible light curing process. A low UV/Visible intensity measurement signals an operator to replace the bulb, reflector, or lightguide.

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