Effective, easy and affordable plasma surface treatment

Improve your adhesion

The handheld and mountable piezobrush PZ3 and PZ3-i from Relyon Plasma deliver simple, safe and intuitive plasma surface treatment to plastics, glass, ceramics, metals, semiconductors, natural fibres and composite materials.

Improve your adhesion

Boost the adhesion and wetting properties of your difficult to bond substrates by altering its surface energy.

Safe for temperature-sensitive components

Generating cold-active plasma at temperatures less than 50°C enables the PZ3 to treat even your temperature-sensitive substrates.

Clean surface contamination

As well as boosting adhesion, plasma treatment removes organic, inorganic, and microbial surface contamination, making surfaces ultra-clean. It also has the added benefit of removing odours from substrates.

Easy to use plasma treatment

Requiring no specialist technical knowledge to operate, the PZ3 series of surface treatment devices are equipped with several process control features to allow you to tailor the output to suit your application.

Do away with chemical primers

The piezobrush PZ3 delivers plasma surface treatment in a safer format to alternatives such as chemical primers, flame treatment processes or mechanical roughening, reducing your process health and safety concerns, whilst achieving your desired results.


Start along the path to strong, reliable bonds

Plasma surface treament equipment is available for as little as £2500. Units expand the possibilities of bonding applications, allowing utilisation of more difficult to bond substrates such as plastics and glass. Have a look at our range of piezobrush plasma surface treatment tools:

piezobrush PZ3 with both modules

PZ3 Handheld Plasma Surface Treatment

The piezobrush PZ3 is the world's smallest, highly effective handheld plasma treatment device. It brings the benefits of plasma surface treatment into a convenient and lightweight handheld format, enabling better adhesion, wetting, and cleanliness of substrates.

piezobrush PZ3-i unit

PZ3-i Mountable Plasma Surface Treatment

Built specifically for integration into semi-automated or automated production lines, the piezobrush PZ3-i combines the effectiveness of plasma surface activation for improved adhesion, wetting, and cleanliness of substrates, with the superior productivity and repeatability of robotic positioning.

See how our customers achieved their production goals with plasma surface treatment:

creabis gmbh 3d printed part

Increasing the strength of bondlines on 3D-printed assemblies threefold

A significant challenge for Creabis GmbH, a 3D printing service provider, is the 3D printing of large and complex components, as normally 3D printers have maximum component dimensions of ~600mm. To make use of the advantages of 3D printing for larger components, they are printed as individual parts and then bonded together. Plasma surface treatment greatly enhances the strength of the bonds on these 3D-printed assemblies.

Wavecon uses PZ3 to treat cables prior to overmolding

Improving overmoulding adhesion with plasma treatment

Wavecon LTD, a provider of subsea cable assemblies, required a method of pre-treating their difficult-to-bond substrates prior to encapsulation and overmoulding processes. Seeking a more efficient and consistent process than painting substrates with liquid primers, the manufacturer chose to use the piezobrush PZ3.

Plasma technology for surface cleaning

This white paper devles into how organic, inorganic and microbial surface contaminants can be removed from surfaces using cold atmospheric pressure plasma and the advantages of doing so.



Cold plasma in the electronics industry

Based on real world applications, this white paper discusses the potential benefits derived from implementing cold plasma surface treatment prior to a bonding, coating, or printing process.



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