Autoclave resistant adhesive, coating and encapsulant for medical devices

Dymax 1040-M meets ISO 10993


Robust bonding and protection

Withstands over 100 autoclave or STERRAD sterilisation cycles without yellowing, extending the service life of medical devices and surgical tools.

A near instant curing process

This single part material is specially formulated to cure quickly on exposure to broad-spectrum UV or 365nm LED UV light for improved throughput and higher productivity. No mixing required.

Suitable for medical applications

Dymax 1040-M is compliant to ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity standards, and is formulated without IBOA, a known skin irritant.

Low water absorption

Form robust adhesive bonds even when subjecting devices to autoclaving, with a low water absorption of 0.5%.

Reliably track surgical instruments

Achieve effective, autoclave resistant bonding and encapsulation of RFID and sensors to surgical tools, housing assemblies, dental equipment and single-use or multiple use medical devices.


Protection of medical sensors, encapsulation and potting of electronic components. Applications in medical scopes and dental equipment. It successfully bonds to stainless steel, aluminum, glass, PP/PE and printed circuit boards.



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Using and securing RFID tags onto medical instruments

As regulations within the medical industry become more stringent, the need to assign serial numbers and apply RFID tags onto medical instruments to track and trace their use is becoming ever more crucial.

Dymax discusses the importance of these developments, as well as applications that could benefit from using RFID chips in this brief article.

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Download Dymax 1040-M’s data sheet for detailed technical specifications and features.

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