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About IUV6LF LED UV Blacklight Flood Lamp for NDT Inspection

The INTERTRONICS UV Flood Lamp Blacklight for NDT Inspection is a low intensity UV flood lamp blacklight with strong fluorescence response. Designed for small scale or mobile use. Mounting options are available.

Please contact us for application advice. We provide a comprehensive range of stronger UV lamps if required for curing, as well as a full range of UV and UV/visible light curing adhesives.

Features & Benefits

  • Fluorescing material IUV6LF365 nm peak output – Nichia LED
  • Flood (100°) lens
  • Instant UV light output
  • Modular design for multiple UV lamp installations
  • Hand-held or fixed mount accessories
  • UV transmitting acrylic front cover
  • Aluminium housing


  • UV fluorescent inspection
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT), crack detection
  • Identification of invisible/UV revealing security markings
  • Verification of security labeled currency, cheques, bank drafts, bank books, passports, certificates and important documents
  • Depending on the light curing adhesive, it can provide good interfacial cures on structures with glass/glass or glass/metal substrates. Due to the low intensity, cure times may be extended.


LEDs 3
Wavelength 365 nm
Lens Flood
Input Power 6 W
Size H100 x W46 x L160.98 mm
Illumination Area 150 x 90 mm
Peak Intensity 24 mW/cm2
Intensity at 100 mm 5 mW/cm2

IUV6LF Spectral output
IUV6LF Spectral output

Ordering Information

Part number  
IUV6LF LED UV Blacklight Flood Lamp for NDT Inspection, 6W
incl. bridge handle

Other types of mounting are available. Contact the team for information.


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