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About Gold Contact Plating Repair Kit

The IPS CRK-01 Gold Contact Plating Repair Kit is a complete system for the rework and re-plating of damaged gold contacts on printed circuit boards. Contacts may require re-plating if they become contaminated with solder or are scratched during handling. Other applications may arise when the plating on the contacts does not meet the minimum thickness specification, or the specification changes.

The IPS CRK-01 Kit features our popular Plating Pens. In addition, included are all the consumables required to perform the re-plating, as well as a full, detailed procedure. Everything is housed in a convenient carry case. All consumable items are available separately.

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive kitIPS CRK-01 Gold contact plating repair kit
  • Includes detailed procedural instructions
  • Replacement consumable items easily available

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
IPSCRK-01 Gold Contact Plating Repair Manual 0.13MB

Ordering Information

Part number Description Quantity
IPSCRK-01 Gold Contact Plating Repair Kit 1
HUNPL-1002 Absorbent Pen 1
HUNPL-1006 Nickel Pen 1
HUNPL-1003 24k Gold Pen 1
HUNPL-1001 Connector Cables 1 set
IPSER-02 Eraser Refill 1
IPSGL-01 Anti Static Gloves 5 pairs
IPSSG-01 Safety Glasses 1
INT701-012 Kapton Masking Tape 1
TEC1821-5F Desoldering Braid 1.5mm 1
TEC1822-5F Desoldering Braid 2.2mm 1
ADH1610-50 IPA Cleaning Wipe 5
TEC2032 Cleaning Brush 1
RAR-WB-8-ESD ESD Safe Water Bottle 1
ADH1616-100 Dry Wipe Pkg 100
Carry Case 1
IPSCRK-01 Gold Contact Plating Repair Manual 1
Note: Power supply not included.
Also available:
IPSCRK-01NP Gold Contact Plating Repair Kit
As IPSCRK-01 listed above but without Plating Pens and Connector Cables.
HUN PL-1000-CP Power Supply Unit (variable DC capable of supplying up to 12 volts at 0.1 amps).


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