IJFPP300-GL-A Clear Pressure Pot Dispenser, Ideal for Dispensing Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

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About IJFPP300-GL-A Clear Pressure Pot Dispenser, Ideal for Dispensing Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

A clear pressure pot reservoir for dispensing low viscosity liquids, particularly dispensing cyanoacrylate adhesives, directly from bottles and up to 500g jars. Regulated air pressure forces the liquid in the bottle up through a disposable tube to a connector, which can be interfaced to a valve or dispensing pen. The IJF PP300-GL-A is useful for control of hazardous materials, such as solvents and cyanoacrylate adhesives (CAs or “superglues”).

Example set ups can include:

IJF PP300-GL-A Clear pressure pot with FIS SL101N

IJF PP300-GL-A/710PTLF/DC50 Pinch Tube Valve System
A combination of a IJF 710PTLF Pinch Tube Valve mounted to the IJF PP300-GL-A and controlled via a FIS DC50 Benchtop Digital Liquid Dispensing Controller can accurately and safely apply micro shots of low viscosity liquids. All parts in contact with the material are disposable.


IJF PP300-GL-A Clear pressure pot with IJF 700PTPCW
IJF PP300-GL-A/700PTPCW Manual Pinch Tube Pen System
The IJF 700PTPCW Dispensing Pen when used with the IJF PP300-GL-A provides flexibility in applying continuous lines or microdots. An on/off lever controls the amount of material delivered.


Features & Benefits

  • IJF PP300-GL-A Clear pressure pot with IJF DSP501AAll material contact parts disposable
  • Material visible without opening chamber
  • Suitable for most low viscosity liquids


Size 15.24 x 15.24 x 27.94 cm
Air input To regulator 70 – 100 psi (5 to 7 bar)
Air output From regulator max 30 psi (2 bar)
Weight 4.20kg
Disposables Lines and fittings are polyethylene

Ordering Information

Part number Description
IJFPP300-GL-A Pressure pot – glass
IJF560607 Dispense tube 0.070″ ID
IJF560608* Dispense tube 0.100″ ID
IJF560609 Luer lock fitting 0.070″ ID
IJF560610* Luer lock fitting 0.100″ ID
IJF560611 Gauge 0-30 psi
IJF560612 Knob assembly
IJF560612B Bushing
IJF560613 Clamp for tube
IJF560614 Reducer nipple 1/4″ – 1/8″ NPT
IJF560615V O-ring (viton)
IJF560616 Relief valve
IJF560618 Reservoir glass (IJF PP300-GL-A)
IJF560620 Dip tube
IJF560571 Regulator 0-25 psi
IJF560792 Flat seal
IJF580108 Quick connect 1/4″ NPT

*Included upon request


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