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We provide dispensing consumables including dispensing needles and tips, nozzles, barrels, syringes and cartridges. Our wide selection and advice will help you achieve an efficient, reliable, and consistent application process.


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Premium, trustworthy dispensing consumables

Constructed using premium materials, our dispensing components are industry compatible, and made to deliver consistency and maximise dispense quality, optimising yields and minimising material waste.

Dispensing needles and tips

We stock hundreds of varieties of tips, all available with next day delivery. Blunt, smooth, flexible, PTFE lined and brush, each tip plays an important role in controlling the flow of your materials.

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Mixing nozzles

Static mixing nozzles, in various ratios and sizes, available for metering and mixing machines and cartridge dispensing systems.

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Syringes, barrels and cartridges

Fulfil your production requirements with high quality dispensing consumables, including barrels and accessories for UV light and ESD sensitive materials.

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Pistons and Plungers

Different pneumatic pistons for different materials, and plungers for manual applications.

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Manual Dispensing Syringes

Compatible with our range of luer lock dispensing tips, manual syringes are available in a range of sizes from 3ml to 60ml.

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Dispensing tips for any application

Still honing your ideal process? Component selection kits put an extensive range of dispensing consumables at your fingertips for tests, trials and evaluations.

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Dispensing controllers

Time/pressure dispense controllers provide precise control when applying liquids and pastes which can bring significant productivity improvements to your process.

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Our top tips for dispensing

Get our indispensable guides to the ins-and-outs of fluid dispensing, including equipment selection and techniques, to help develop your optimal process.

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Struggling with supply?

Our dispensing consumables are available with next day UK delivery, keeping your production in motion. Our customer service support and technical specialists are available to answer any questions you may have.

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