We have a range of second user or ex demonstration equipment for sale.

Please contact us for pricing. Please note that these products may carry a limited manufacturer’s warranty.


BlueWave LED Spot Curing System

– Offers many advantages over conventional spot curing systems, including no bulbs to change, cool cures, no warm-up and constant intensity for thousands of hours

Product Number: DYM40960
Serial Number: 681909/682006/681195

  • Used
Dymax BlueWave LED flood curing lamp

BlueWave LED Flood UV Curing Spot Lamp

– High-intensity curing energy over a 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm area

Product Number: DYM41261

  • Ex-demo
Dymax ECE5000 UV flood lamp system

Dymax ECE5000 UV Flood System with Zip Shutter and Light Shield

– Offers moderate to high-intensity curing over a 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm area for the fast curing of UV curable adhesives, coatings, and inks

Product Number: DYM40840
Serial Number: E99002073220

  • Nearly new


THINKY ARV-310 Mixer


– Industrial non-contact “planetary” mixer for all engineering compounds. This vacuum degassing machine mixes, disperses and degasses up to 310g of material to high levels in seconds to minutes, removing any micro-bubbles using an integral vacuum function.

Product Number: THIARV310

Serial Number: CE310194

  • Second hand

Fisnar F4300N benchtop dispensing robotFISNAR F4300N.1

– The FISNAR benchtop fluid dispense robots are optimised for dispensing virtually all types of fluid material and can be automated for simple tasks as well as high volume production. They deliver an accurate, repeatable and consistent application process. The F4300N.1 features a 300 x 300mm working area.

Product Number: FISF4300N.1

Serial Number: E354033

  • Ex Demo