The FIS SL101N Digital Liquid Dispenser, Adhesive and Solder Paste Dispensing Controller delivers the accurate and repeatable dispensing of fluids such as solder pastes, adhesives, cyanoacrylate adhesives, solvents, greases, sealants, coatings, and temporary masking materials.

The SL101N gives the operator control and increased repeatability over the dispensing of dots, lines and beads, and small potting or filling applications. It can be programmed to reproduce the same shot size repeatedly with just the press of a button. The same shot size can be saved as one of up to nine dispensing routines for ease of operation. It is suitable for a variety of applications across many industries, including electronics, medical device manufacturing, optics, automotive, aerospace and other precision and technology industries.

Watch our video to see it in action and contact the team for more information on how you can improve your dispensing with the FIS SL101 or a dispensing system set up.

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