Piezobrush PZ2-i automatable plasma surface treatment on a robotYou may already know of the Piezobrush PZ2 handheld plasma surface treatment system from our partner Relyon Plasma, which provides a simple, effective method of increasing adhesion and wetting on difficult-to-bond surfaces. If you would like your application to be semi-automated or fully automated, a version of the Piezobrush PZ2 is now available which is designed to be attached to a stand, robot or other automation.

The Piezobrush PZ2-i automatable plasma surface treatment has a number of benefits:

  • Improves adhesion & wetting of surfaces
  • Robot mountable for improving productivity, repeatability and process control
  • Uses “cold plasma”, meaning that it can be used to treat temperature-sensitive substrates
  • Uses an external gas supply such as compressed air or nitrogen

The Piezobrush PZ2-i is the world’s smallest cold active plasma unit developed for integration into industrial processes. This “cold plasma” is produced at less than 50ºC, making it suitable even for some temperature-sensitive substrates such as plastic films. This robot-mountable version of the Piezobrush PZ2 combines the effectiveness of plasma surface activation with the improved productivity and repeatability of using a robot to automate a process. The Piezobrush PZ2-i uses compressed air to operate, or can be used with other gases such as nitrogen.

If you are interested in improving adhesion or wetting of adhesives, inks or other liquids, we would be pleased to show you the Piezobrush PZ2-i. Contact our product specialists to arrange a demonstration.