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Micron s high accuracy dispensing tips selection kit

Micron-S Precision Dispensing Tips provide high accuracy for small deposit fluid dispensing. Designed to offer low resistance to fluid flow, they deliver all the advantages of plastic smooth flow tips, but with superior accuracy. Because they are metal rather than plastic, they can be manufactured at higher tolerances and are more robust.

They also offer significant cost savings over specially machined dispensing nozzles, without sacrificing placement precision or deposition accuracy.

A primary design feature of Micron-S dispensing nozzles is the streamlined conical fluid path, which delivers substantially higher fluid flow rates. This results in improved dispensing accuracy and definition of dots, lines or special patterns while at the same time dramatically reducing fluid stringing or tailing tendencies.

Manufacturers of precision dispensing systems recommend Micron-S tips for greater accuracy and lower dispense pump backpressures.

All eight sizes of standard bore tips are now available in a variety evaluation pack to enable you to find the best tip for your dispensing needs.

For more information on these or any of our dispensing products, contact our product specialists.

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