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Non-contact, jet dispensing technology from Liquidyn is an process enabler; precision amounts of liquids like oils, adhesives, greases and coatings can be applied accurately and fast. Now, even challenging materials like anaerobic adhesives (threadlockers, thread sealants, retaining materials and flange sealants) can use this methodology.

Non-contact dosing in this context means that the liquid drops are propelled in free flight over several millimeters from the dispensing nozzle orifice on to the component. To achieve this with anaerobic chemistries (which cure when isolated from oxygen in the presence of metal ions), the use of suitable materials for the fluid wetted valve components and optimisation of the valve dynamics was necessary.

Versions of the Liquidyn P-Dot and P-Jet dispensing valves are available which you can apply to your anaerobic adhesive dispensing challenges.


Categories: adhesives, dispensing

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