The new DYMAX BlueWave® LED DX-1000 is a unique and flexible 385 nm UV LED curing system which can be configured to operate as either a small-area flood or spot-cure system. In flood mode, up to 1 W/cm2 can be delivered over a 2.5 x 2.5cm area. In spot mode, a single or multi-pole lightguide can be installed into an optional adapter to deliver up to 15 W/cm2 in a high-intensity spot.

This DYMAX DX-1000 is  ideal for production, development or R&D facilities, as well as manufacturing cells where rapid re-organisation is often required, especially since the flood light unit may be demounted from the base stand for separate mounting, e.g. on a jig or conveyor system up to 3m away from the controller. This enhanced flexibility, coupled with the advantages of LED UV, make the DX-1000 highly suited to industries as diverse as electronics, medical, automotive, optics, displays, etc. – especially where rapidly adaptable manufacturing patterns are demanded.

Major advantages of the DYMAX DX-1000 include shutterless operation, the abilility to adjust UV intensity, long life and consistency of output.

Appropriate adhesives for the DYMAX DX-1000, include ultra-fast cure, clear formulations which are tack-free in under 2 seconds – adhesives, electronics potting, catheter bonding and clear fluorescing bonders with cure times under 30 seconds.

DYMAX BlueWave LED DX-1000

Categories: LED, medical, optics, uv curing