We have launched DYMAX 1020-M, an ultra-fast, tack-free, LED-curable adhesive.

DYMAX 1020-M is designed for rapid bonding of a wide variety of plastics typically used in the manufacture of medical devices such as reservoirs, tube sets, port fittings, drugs delivery systems and heat sensitive applications. Visible/UV light-curable DYMAX 1020-M is formulated for less-than-two-second, on-demand cure with the DYMAX BlueWave LED Prime UVA spot-curing system.

This new high-intensity LED lamp features many advantages over convetional spot-curing systems including no consumable bulbs to change, no warm-up, cool cures and consistent intensity for thousands of hours. The unit produces the highest power of any LED spot-curing lamp on the market today, with an out of >15W/cm2.

Categories: adhesives, LED, medical, uv curing