Quick, accurate, reliable dispensing of micro-dot quantities of adhesives, greases, inks and oils is now literally “at hand” with the Tridak Micro-Dot™.

The Micro-Dot™ dispenser is a brilliant little tool – it uses a standard 10ml syringe barrel filled with pretty much any liquid you like and is ideal for manual dispensing of small quantities in every area from medical device manufacture to electronic assemblies, laboratories, jewellery, optical fluids, repairs and marking. No compressed air is required, so it is fully portable.

We love it – it is light, versatile, robust and low cost! The Micro-Dot™ features a positive displacement thumb operated action with simple stroke adjustment for volume setting from about 0.003ml to 0.200ml enabling indefinite repetition with great accuracy, with a wide range of low-to-high viscosity fluids using standard 10ml syringe barrels and smooth flow tapered dispensing tips to suit individual situations. In operation the Micro-Dot is simplicity itself with a twist safety-interlock to prevent accidental activation by leaving the Micro-Dot’s plunger completely free until the syringe is fully rotated into position and secured into the dispenser’s body. The simple incremental piston advance then expels the liquid micro-dot exactly when and where required.

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