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There are many applications in the electrical and electronics industries that require 2-part silicone rubbers to cure to a matt surface finish. For example, a customer making displays has to protect the LED’s and the pcb from the environment. The pcb at the rear of the screen and the LED’s exposed on the front have to be potted using a matt black silicone encapsulant. If the cured silicone rubber reflects light the intensity and clarity of the image will be lost and the screen will not perform.

In most applications the rubbers are either black or grey. Most techniques to achieve a matt finish involve additives in the form of coarse fillers or powders. Most additives have several disadvantages, such as increased viscosity of the rubber base, making self-levelling and natural degassing virtually impossible. Another disadvantage is that some powdered matting agents are coarse white powders that result in white specks on the surface of a black or grey rubber. Some additives not only exhibit such adverse effects, but also interfere with the curing mechanism of the rubber.

ACC SE2006 is a two component black silicone potting compound. When used together with ACC SE2006C matting agent, it produces beautifulul non-reflective matt black material which provides environmental protection for the LED’s and improves screen definition. And it has none of the just stated disadvantages.

Used without the matting agent, ACC SE2006 is suitable for a wide range of electronic potting applications.

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