RoHS compliance is about so much more than confirming whether a device is free from lead or any of the six restricted hazardous substances. It’s about the way you design products, buy products and do business in an increasingly green world.

Getting to grips with all the implications has been a very difficult task; the internet has played an important role. One of the newer tools we have is the webinar, a seminar which is projected through your web browser.

I found the following webinar particularly interesting, not only because it features products which we sell. It is very well produced, in that it is succinct and clear, and only takes minutes. It concerns some lead-free soldering and de-soldering issues. Higher temperatures and more aggressive fluxes have a profound effect on the entire soldering process from solder tip selection to de-fluxing operations. The web presentation, sponsored in part by Techspray and Plato, highlights some important considerations when engaged in RoHS compliant soldering applications.

Have a look at this webinar by clicking on this link, and then finding and clicking on the logo which looks like this:


There is a simple registration requirement from the hosts, Newark InOne.

My colleague Kevin Pawlowski at Techspray did a super job on this.

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