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Authoritative and easy-to-follow guides on bonding, coating, dispensing, curing and PCB rework.

Introduction to Time Pressure Dispensing

An Introduction to Time/Pressure Dispensing

Time/pressure dispensing allows you to dispense a wide range of liquid or paste materials by using a dispensing controller. This guide provides an overview of how time/pressure dispensing works and the factors that you should consider when using this dispensing method.

Adhesive problem? What’s the cure?

The use of adhesives for structural bonding is on the increase. For a successful assembly, the adhesive must “harden” in the bondline to provide a joint which is capable of bearing the forces to which it is subjected for its lifetime, whatever environmental factors are thrown at it. Understanding how this works is important both for adhesive selection, and specification of the bonding process.

25 Top Dispensing Tips

An invaluable list of do’s and don’ts for liquid, fluid and paste dispensing, to help you achieve optimal processes.

Users Guide to Adhesives

A very useful general guide to adhesives from Huntsman, makers of Araldite

DYMAX Comprehensive Guide to UV Light Curing Technology

32 page guide to every aspect of light curing materials and equipment.

DYMAX Guide to Light-Cure Conformal Coatings

20 page guide to every aspect of light curing pcb conformal coatings


Guide to Light-Cure Conformal Coatings

PCB Rework & Repair

A comprehensive guide


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