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Wire tacking

Wire Tacking – The Options

What to consider when adding wires to a printed circuit board, particularly the method of bonding and the material used to bond these additional wires.

OPT5053-F-A 900g bulk packaging

Operator Sensitisation from Fibre Optic Epoxies

Some fibre optic epoxies are strong sensitisers triggering allergic reactions in operators exposed to such material. Opti-tec 5053-F-A High Temperature Fast Cure Epoxy Adhesive for Fibre Optic Terminating presents a much lower tendency to cause sensitisation.

TB2006-10 Epoxies for Thin Rock Section Manufacture

Epoxies for Thin Rock Section Manufacture

Using epoxy adhesive to bond thin rock sections to glass when preparing rock samples for examination under a microscope.

TB2009-13 Vacuum Mixing & Degassing

Vacuum Mixing & Degassing

For specific applications that require a material to contain no micro-bubbles, a mixing and vacuum degassing machine is the efficient choice as illustrated in this THINKY model comparison.

TB2009-14 FIP Gaskets Cheaper Than You Think

FIP Gaskets Cheaper Than You Think

UV light curing FIP (Form-In-Place) or CIP (Cure-In-Place) gasket materials offer significant advantages in cases of high throughput or fast turn-around.

double syringe cartridge instructions

Double Syringe Cartridge Instructions

How to correctly use side-by-side double syringe cartridges for optimum two part adhesive dispensing

Twinpack mixing instructions snapshot

Twinpack Mixing Instructions

Improve adhesive performance with these instructions for mixing twinpacks


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