Adhere Academy

Adhesive Technology Seminars

The adhere academy provides training to our customers, tailored to your own challenges and without a sales pitch. The seminar can be held either on your premises or at our Technology Centre near Oxford. Having spent 25+ years working with adhesives and protective materials in technology manufacturing, and with experience of many applications, we have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. We believe that helping our customers to fully understand the underlying technology of adhesives and equipment is a win-win scenario: you manufacture better products more efficiently, and we have the opportunity to learn more from you as well, increasing our mutual understanding.

In-house Seminar - How to Choose an Adhesive

The Art and Science of Choosing a Structural Adhesive

In-house Seminar - UV and Light Curing Technology

UV & Light Curing Technology

In-house Seminar - Adhesives and Protective Materials Dispensing

Dispensing of Adhesives and Protective Materials

In-house Seminar - Adhesives for Medical Devices Manufacturing

Adhesives for Medical Device Manufacturing

If you are interested in hosting or attending adhere academy training, please contact us.