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UV Adhesives
for Glass Bonding &
Glass Assembly
  • High strength
  • Crystal clear
  • Environmentally resistant
  • Decorative & industrial
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DYMAX Glass Assembly UV Adhesives cure upon exposure to uv and/or visible light from uv curing lamps. Additionally, DYMAX Multi-Cure® grades cure with UV light, activator or heat even through UV blocked and tinted glass. These worker friendly glass bonding resins form high strength, crystal clear, environmentally resistant bonds to glass as well as a variety of plastic and metal substrates. They adhere to soft glass, borosilicate glass, lead crystal, steel, plated metals and thermoset plastics. They are excellent adhesives for bonding stemware, glass headlamps, art glass, crystal figurines, trophies, architectural glass, novelties, metal brackets to glass and lens laminating.

Metal banister bonded to glass panes
Metal banister bonded to glass panes
Adhesives for mounting window fixtures
Adhesives for mounting
window fixtures
Glass bowl bonding with DYMAX UV adhesives
Glass bowl bonding

Glass bonding with UV light curing adhesives is fast and efficient

Product Selector Guide
Product Application Features
Most popular, core products
DYMAX 605 High peel/cleavage strength for glass and metal bonding Clear, hard bonds; cure with UV light or activator; bonds to glass, metal, phenolic, filled Nylon, ferrite and ceramic
DYMAX 429 Glass, plastic and metal bonding; glass laminating; bulletproof glass bonding; glass trophy assembly Resists yellowing, vibration and thermal shock; optically clear; general purpose bonding, potting and sealing; for large area bonding
DYMAX 425 Glass stemware bonding; fountain assembly Dishwasher safe; water clear; low viscosity; exceptional tensile strength; good vibration and impact resistance
DYMAX 431 High temperature and moisture resistant glass-to-metal bonding adhesive Low shrinkage; UV/visible light-curable; LED curable; rapid bonding of glass and metal (stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper), wide variety of plastics such as ABS, CAP, PA, PC, PCTG, PEBA, PEEK, PET, PETG, PI, PVC, and SAN, as well as ceramic and FR4
Other products
DYMAX 401 Crystal assembly; glass furniture bonding; adhering metal brackets to glass Excellent adhesion to glass and metal; low viscosity; very good moisture resistance; good for close fitting parts
DYMAX 424A Glass bonding; lead crystal chandelier and figurine assembly Crystal clear bonds; excellent adhesion to crystal; moderate flowing viscosity
DYMAX 488 Sealing glass Extremely flexible; high degree of moisture resistance; good glass adhesion to difficult to bond to plastics
DYMAX 4-20418 Bonding glass to acrylic; mirror assembly Cures through UV blocked and tinted glass and plastics; resists yellowing in the sun; good performance during thermal cycling; low stress
DYMAX 4-20623 Gap filling of non-flat, irregular and handmade glass; laminating large, thin glass sheets High transmission across the optical spectrum; low stress laminating; Newtonian viscosity minimizes air bubbles in the bond line
DYMAX 602 Rev A Bonding metal, steel and aluminium to glass Cures with heat, light or pre-applied activator; tough, resilient bonds; can be used for coil terminating, unitising and tamper proofing adjustment screws
DYMAX 620 Bonding glass to aluminium, steel, plated metal and thermoset plastics; potting Good impact and moisture resistance; clear bonds; cures with heat, light or activator; wide range of viscosities; general purpose
DYMAX 621 Glass/metal bonding to phenolic and filled plastics High tensile strength; suited for rigid adhesive applications; clear, hard bonds; cures with UV light, heat or pre-applied activator
DYMAX 625 SV01 Rev A Glass, metal, plastic bonding; adhering plastic lenses to eyeglass frames; bonding leads to glass headlamps and latches to windows Flexible and resilient; bonds can withstand strains caused by different coefficients of expansion that can be present when bonding dissimilar substrates; cures with UV light, heat or pre-applied activator
DYMAX 6-20353 Glass cationic epoxy and encapsulant Clear, rigid bonds; low shrinkage; cures upon exposure to low intensity UV light; good for bonding and coating applications where resilience and toughness are required to resist mechanical and environmental shock

Other Information
DYMAX Industrial Adhesives Selector Guide - Glass, Metal & Plastic Assembly Adhesives Download the DYMAX Industrial Adhesives Selector Guide - Glass, Metal & Plastic Assembly Adhesives

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