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BlueWave QX4 LED UV Spot Curing Lamp
Multiple LED Curing Heads

  • One unit with up to four LED heads provides maximum application flexibility
  • Compatible with a variety of UV and visible light-curable materials
  • Instant on-off saves energy and eliminates warm-up period
  • PLC interface allows for easy incorporation with automated systems
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The BlueWave® QX4™ high intensity UV spot curing system features all the benefits of LED curing technology in a small, versatile unit. This system comprises a controller with a foot switch and up to four LED heads. The LED heads are available in 365nm, 385nm, and 405nm and can be outfitted with 3mm, 5mm, or 8mm diameter focusing lenses. LED heads and focusing lenses can be used in any combination and can be controlled through the system's variable mode, a feature that allows each head to be individually programmed for intensity and cycle times. Individual exposure times and intensity settings can be set to 1% increments for each LED head, giving users maximum curing flexibility.

Peak intensity is up to 7400 mW/cm2 of curing energy. The BlueWave QX4 is capable of curing compatible adhesives, coatings, sealants and other light-curable materials quickly - often in a few seconds. Full output specifications are detailed in the product data sheet.

In addition to the curing flexibility, the BlueWave QX4 also features an easy-to-use control interface that allows flexibility in setup and use of the unit. The unit can be activated by foot pedal or by PLC interface, allowing it to be easily incorporated into automated systems.

BlueWave LED Spot Curing Lamp

BlueWave QX4 Spectral Output

Features Benefits
One controller with up to four LED heads · Provides maximum application flexibility
LED heads available in 365nm (RediCure), 385nm (PrimeCure), or 405nm (VisiCure) wavelengths · Compatible with a variety of UV and visible light-curable materials
· Wavelength flexibility allows co-optimization of adhesive and curing system for best cure
· Units can be custom configured to your curing requirements
Variable mode allows each LED head to be programmed independently · Compatible with a variety of UV and visible light-curable materials
· Wavelength flexibility allows co-optimization of adhesive and curing system for optimal cure
· Units can be custom configured to your curing requirements
Interchangeable/Replaceable focusing lenses in 3mm, 5mm, and 8mm diameters · Allows tailoring of the unit to your curing requirements
Instant on-off · No warm-up period
· More energy efficient
Efficient LED-head temperature management · Maximized continuous operation without overheating
· Comfortable hand-held operating temperature
· Temperature monitoring assures maximum LED life
PLC interface · Easily incorporated into automated systems

Available System Components
Complete BlueWave QX4 systems feature:
· a controller/power supply with a foot switch
· up to four LED heads/wands
· at least one of the three available lenses for each head/wand

The length of the head/wand with the direct wired cable is 1.0m (end to end). All components are available separately to enable upgrading and experimentation.

BlueWave QX4 Controller BlueWave QX4 Focusing Lenses
BlueWave QX4 LED Head

Ordering information
System Components
Power Supply DYM41572
Foot Switch DYM5028
LED Head/Wand DYM41550 DYM41551 DYM41552
3mm Lens DYM41553 DYM41554 DYM41556
5mm Lens DYM41557 DYM41558 DYM41559
8mm Lens DYM41560 DYM41561 DYM41562
Connection Cable Extensions
0.5m DYM41563
1.0m DYM41564
1.5m DYM41565
2.0m DYM41566

Other Information

  Dymax BlueWave QX4 LED Spot-Curing System Product Bulletin
Guide to Selecting and Using DYMAX UV Light Curing Systems  Download the DYMAX Light-Curing Equipment Selector Guide

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