Opti-tec 5020 clear optical epoxy

OPT 5020

Clear Epoxy Potting Compound

Opti-tec 5020 is a clear, two component, low viscosity optical epoxy which will cure in thick sections at room temperature. In thin sections, it is clear and transparent. In thicker sections, it can take a yellow or straw tint. Opti-tec 5020 is designed for potting and encapsulation of components where optical clarity, good wetting and low viscosity are important.

Opti-tec 5020-B is a black version with similar properties.

  • Opti-tec 5020 is a clear adhesive with a viscosity of 1000 cps.
  • Opti-tec 5020 has the resiliency to cope with internal stresses of larger encapsulations. It has a relatively low level of exotherm during cure, and so is safe to use with delicate components.
  • Opti-tec 5020 has about a one hour pot life after mixing and cures within 24 hours at room temperature in thick sections.
  • Opti-tec 5020 has low viscosity allowing it to fill voids without air entrapment.
  • Opti-tec 5020 cures to a high gloss finish, even under high humidity.
  1. Potting or encapsulation
  2. Encapsulation of larger components
  3. Optical assembly, optical filters, LEDs
  4. Optoelectronics
  5. Void filling in cables
Typical Properties
Mix ratio 2:1 resin to hardener
Mixed viscosity 1 Pa.s (1000 cps) @ 25°C
Colour Clear/straw
Density 1.15
Pot life 75 minutes @ 25°C
Cure schedule Bondline temperature
24 hours
4 hours
Rate of cure will depend on temperature and volume. Thin films will take 2-3 days at a similar temperature.
Cured properties
Hardness, Shore D 60
Temperature range -55 to 115°C
Tensile strength 50 MPa
Dielectric strength 13 kV/mm
Dielectric constant 4
Volume resistivity 1014 ohm.m
Shelf life 12 months in original sealed containers

Opti-tec 5020 is available in twinpacks or in bulk.

Twinpack packaging

The twinpack sachet is a clear film sachet, with the resin and hardener separated by a removable clip and rail divider. Click here for twinpack mixing instructions.

Standard twinpack size is 100g total weight.

Part number Description
OPT5020-100G Clear Epoxy Potting Compound – 100g twinpack sachet
OPT5020-750G Clear Epoxy Potting Compound – 750g kit
OPT5020-B-100G Black Epoxy Potting Compound – 100g twinpack sachet
OPT5020-B-750G Black Epoxy Potting Compound – 750g kit

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