Temporary Masking

Temporary Masking

Masking Aerospace TurbineOur temporary masking products are used in electronics manufacturing and all types of surface finishing applications – protecting parts during soldering, powder coating, conformal coating, plating, acid stripping, anodising, chemical milling or plating.

The temporary masking range includes:

  1. Temporary masking liquids which cure with light or in ambient conditions
  2. Temporary masking tapes and dots
  3. Specialist products for the temporary masking of implants e.g. artificial hips
  4. Specialist products for the temporary masking of turbine blades during refurbishment, repair or airflow testing
  5. Materials for the temporary masking of printed circuit boards during soldering or conformal coating


Adhesive Application From

  • Liquid Maskants

    Liquid maskants combine ease and precision of application to offer reliable surface protection not available from traditional masking materials such as tapes, lacquers, and waxes.

  • Self-Adhesive Masking Tapes

    Our range of self-adhesive masking tapes and masking tape dots offers a variety of temperature allowances, surface resistivities, strengths and widths to provide effective solutions for most masking applications.