Applying dome coatings to badgesOur coatings products cover a wide range of applications including conformal coating of PCBs, microelectronic encapsulation and protective or decorative dome coatings. We also have coatings for ESD and static control. We advise on the most effective product for your needs.

Depending on the application, coatings can be applied manually or by using one of our automatic dispensing products. We can also recommend and supply the most suitable technology for curing your coating.

Adhesive Application From

  • Conformal Coatings

    Conformal coatings are materials applied in thin layers (typically 0.1 to 0.3mm) onto printed circuit boards or other electronic substrates. They provide environmental and mechanical protection to significantly extend the life of the assembly.

  • Decorative & Dome Coatings

    Dome and decorative coatings are applied to products to provide an attractive finish. Some coatings, when applied in a dome formation, can clarify and magnify images.

  • ESD & Static Control Coatings

    ESD and static control coatings are ideal for converting storage bins, tools and other surfaces to a static safe condition, saving expensive replacement costs.