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adhere is an INTERTRONICS brand covering our bonding, coating, sealing, encapsulating, potting, masking and gasketing products, together with the most appropriate equipment and accessories for dispensing and curing them. The adhere programme is designed to cater for the wide range of applications and processes found in our target market of high technology, high performance manufacturing.

The provision of expert advice is integral to the programme, ensuring that you benefit from the optimal material and process choice for the manufacture, assembly or repair of your products – safeguarding and enhancing performance and integrity and in turn, profitability and reputation.

Discussing trial results in our Technology Centre

Because adhere brings together this proven range of products, you can single-source with the confidence that everything will work together efficiently and cost-effectively, underpinned by our experience and expert advice.

This two minute video explains the value we can provide to you – get in touch with your requirements for quick and helpful response.


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